“To serve and empower youth through higher education producing a 21st century skilled, bilingual business professional in Colombia.”

Our Team

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GHEO’s vision is “shared prosperity for all youth”. This vision drives GHEO to be the world’s premier nonprofit supporting achievement in higher education.

We will facilitate lasting change by:

  • Providing resource equality
  • Delivering direct support to the student
  • Networking for a better future
  • Empowering communities through education

Our Story

In February of 2015, a group of Lake Forest Graduate School of Management students traveled to Bogotá, Colombia...


We have to set the example for our students through our actions and decisions. Our primary goal is to provide students the support they need to successfully achieve diplomas in higher education, become high performing community leaders and business professionals.  We remain committed to our mission and our values.

Our core values include:

  • Integrity
  • Flexibility
  • Open Communication
  • Transparency
  • Trust