Our Programs

We offer a holistic suite of targeted services, offered over the long term, that build on the existing education resources in Colombia. GHEO’s programs are all driven to support and guide students to successfully complete their higher education endeavors globally–regardless of their race, ethnicity, or religion. We created our program based on research and insights that identified the specific needs in education. In order to execute our programs, we rely on partnerships and our volunteer base to achieve low-cost solutions.

Our program mission is to leverage higher education to grow corporate talent by developing English language skills, providing business acumen, growing future leaders and providing internship opportunities in Colombia. We will guide young talented Colombians in their personal journey for growth through learning and business experience.

Our Goals

  1. Increase the number college graduates
  2. Prepare the future college graduates for the global marketplace by helping them build their English language skills
  3. Provide mentorship and enhance leadership skills
  4. Assist low income graduates/students in getting job internships

Our key pillars to success

Financial Awards

We provide financial awards to students who apply and meet our qualifying standards. These funds supplement any overall financial aid the students will receive. Funds are provided for books/materials, transportation and meals.


English as a second language(ESL). Students learn English as a second language in order to improve their language and communication skills. Students will be required to take and pass the 'ESL Program' as a requirement to keep their GHEO scholarship.


Mentoring is a valuable strategy to provide students with the emotional support instrumental in motivating students toward achieving learning goals. The program will help the students develop skills and behaviors necessary to succeed professionally in the workforce and civil society.

Job Assistance

Students will get the assistance to build their own resume and apply for a job internship. Through GHEO’s partnership with different organizations, students will be given the opportunity to integrate education to relevant application in life.

A Promise for a Shared Prosperity

The Global Higher Education Organization is a global non-profit that provides financial, social and program support services to secondary education students in the nation of Colombia.

We facilitate lasting change by:

  • Providing resource equality
  • Delivering direct support to the student
  • Networking for a better future
  • Empowering communities through education

Learn More

To find out more about our programs and our model for success, please contact us at info@gheo.org.