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Santiago is one of the Global Higher Education Organization (GHEO) Scholarship recipients for 2017! He currently lives with his parents, Diana and Ramon, and his brother, Juan. His family earns approximately 1,600,000 COP per month, which is the equivalent to $540 USD. To help cover his expenses, Santiago works while attending the University of Corporacion Universitaria Minuto de Dios (University Corporation of God’s Minute), as he is pursuing a degree in Supply Chain & Logistics.

Although he must work to cover his expenses, Santiago uses his time to learn and build his skills for a career in the logistics industry. Santiago is a Warehouse Coordinator at Bauhaus Jeans, a local textile company. As a Warehouse Coordinator, Santiago is able to focus and learn skills related to Supply Chain and ultimately Customer Satisfaction.

The GHEO program has been a very important aid to him. He uses the grant money to cover his education and transportation expenses to allow him to continue to prepare for his professional future.

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2017 – 2018 Scholars


Julian Mauricio Rincón Camargo

Julian, from Tunya-Boyaca, is currently studying Psychology at Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia – UPTC.   He is a first time recipient of the GHEO award.  He has a very bright future and scored well on the Saber test before starting at the university.



Oscar David Ayola Caraballo

Oscar, from Cartagena, is currently studying Industrial Technology at Fundación Universitaria Tecnológico Confenalco.  He is a first time recipient of the GHEO award and was one of our first applicants for to apply this year once he heard about our program.



Geivy Jaramillo Meza

Geivy, from Cartagena, is currently taking  Psychology at Fundación Universitario Tecnológico Confenalco.  She loves art and her artwork won in an art contest that was displayed in the city’s museum.  She is a previous award winner and is grateful for the assistance that GHEO’s grant has provided her.  Because of the grant, she is able to focus on obtaining her degree, without worrying about having to find money for books and other class requirements.


Jennifer Martinez Morelos

Jennifer, from Cartagena, is currently working toward a degree in Tourism at Fundacion Universitaria Colombo Internacional.  Her family’s monthly income is only one-third of the cost of her tuition fees.  She is a previous GHEO award winner and is relying on our scholarship money to help her finish her degree and also to help her family financially in the future.  She is very grateful for our program.


Yina Marcela Marrugo

Yina, from Cartagena, is currently pursuing a technical degree in Safety and Industrial Health at Fundación Universitaria Tecnologico Comfenalco.  She is the first one attending college from her entire family.   She is a previous award winner and has benefitted from the help with her books, travel and other college expenses.  She’s thankful to receive the GHEO scholarship because it has allowed her to focus on obtaining her degree.


Camila Arenas Lopez

Camila, from Medellin, is pursuing a Graphic Arts degree from Universidad de Medellin.  She is a previous award winner.  Before attending college, she won an excellence award through the 2016 GigaCampus program.  She’s thankful to receive the GHEO scholarship because it will continue to help her with school expenses and allow her to obtain a degree.


Jose Miguel Martinez Oquendo

Jose, from Medellin, is currently pursuing a degree in Spanish at Tecnologico de Antioquia – Institucion Universitaria.  He was very anxious to apply for our award and provided a very good application video.

He looks forward to using the scholarship to help pay for school expenses and take advantage of our other programs including Leadership and skill development for his future career.


Santiago Osorio Saldarriaga

Santiago, from Medellin, is studying Logistics Technology at Corporacion Universitaria Minuto de Dios.  He is the first in his family to go to a University.  He works and studies at the same time.  He also understands that if he wants to become someone in life, it will not easy and it requires hard-work, resilience, and perseverance.   He is a previous award winner.  Santiago is grateful to receive the GHEO scholarship, because it has helped him with his school expenses.


Esmeralda Delrio Mejia

Esmeralda, from Medellin, is currently studying Psychology at Institución Universitaria de Envigado.  This is her first time receiving the GHEO award.  She has an excellent academic record and received an award in her bachelor of arts program.  She will use the money to help her with books and other college expenses.


Carlos Javier Ayola Caraballo

Carlos, from Cartagena, is currently pursuing an Industrial Engineering degree from Universidad del Sinu. He is the brother of Oscar who is also receiving an award this term.  He is working while attending school and knows the challenges he will face just to obtain his degree.  He will use the grant money for his books and other college expenses.


2016 – 2017 Scholars


Jennifer Martinez Morelos

Kevin Rivera Cano

Geivy Jaramillo Meza

Yina Marcela Marrugo

Estefania Yepes Valencia

Santiago Osorio Saldarriaga