We recently announced our first scholarship winners for 2016. We’re excited to begin supporting these students to achieve their goal of obtaining a college degree. We will be working with them throughout the upcoming school year to take advantage of the services we offer and provide support whenever necessary to allow them to succeed.

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Jennifer Martinez Morelos

Jennifer, from Cartagena, is currently enrolled at the university taking a Technical Degree in Tourism. Unfortunately, she is not a recipient of the government scholarship. She is relying on GHEO’s scholarship in finishing her degree an to help her family financially in the future.

Kevin Rivera Cano

Kevin, from Medellin, is currently studying Accounting in college. He is the first of his family to go to the University. With limited financial sources for his education, Kevin is grateful to receive GHEO’s grant that he can use to fund his book and study related expenses.

Geivy Jaramillo Meza

Geivy, from Cartegena, loves art. Her artwork won a place at an art contest and was displayed in the city’s museum. She is currently taking Psychology and believes in her perseverance to finish her degree. With GHEO’s grant, she will be able to purchase the English book and other school requirements needed to pass her courses.

Yina Marcela Marrugo

Yina, from Cartagena, is currently taking Human Resources Technical degree in Health Occupation. She is the first one attending college from her entire family. The GHEO’s scholarship will help her finish her degree and help her family.

Estefania Yepes Valencia

Estefania, from Medellin, is currently studying to become a Public Accountant. She works on the side to help her father pay the school tuition. Despite challenges in life, she remained positive in pursuing her dream. Using her high GPA, GHEO’s grant, and perseverance, Estefania is not far away from achieving her goal of becoming an accountant.

Santiago Osorio Saldarriaga

Santiago, from Medellin, is the first in his family to go to a University. He works and studies at the same time. He understands that if he wants to be someone in life, it will not easy and it requires sacrifices. With GHEO’s scholarship, Santiago will be able to finish college and pursue his dream.